Yooper Crate – DIY crate to quiet your miner

This crate was designed to hold and reduce the noise of a Bitcoin miner while distributing the heat. As with most of these boxes lately, I have to give credit for the basic design to Steve Barbour (twitter: @SGBarbour). I also pulled ideas from the Home Mining Wizards on telegram. Many thanks to all miners contributing to the At Home Mining movement.

Yooper Crate Cut Out Plans

I followed the plans and it turned out solid. Below you will find a picture journey from Start to Finish. Most shopping was done at Menards, Lowes, and Amazon. Parts list at the bottom.

Cheapest, decent board I could find that had .74” actual thickness. Beware, this stuff has sharp edges and will slice your hands. Gloves required!

Main screws I used for most of the assembly

Screws I used when I didn’t want to break through the other side

Pieces all cut out on a table saw

Started with the divider wall with internal hot/cold register

Figured out how the filter was going to lay in. I made the intake and outlet side the same so I can reverse flow if needed.

Air Filter – Probably not my final one but something to start with. I don’t want choke out the airflow

Intake/Outlet side: .75” reveal to plan for the bottom piece coverage

Pilot holes for the air flow cutouts

Backside of Intake/ Outlet side – ready for jigsaw cutout

Figuring out the duct mount

Intake, Outlet, and Divider

Assemble the Horizonal/ Vertical Air Flow Flanges x2

Flow flanges added to the pile

Attach the Asic shelf to the Divider wall

Asic shelf assembly added to the pile

Attach bottom to hinge side

Attach Intake/ Outlet Sides

Attach divider assembly. Notice small support blocks

Attach Horizontal/Vertical Flow flanges. Notice support blocks

Few screws into support block

Internal assembly complete

Added small casters

Added handles

Misc. hardware

Home sweet home

Sound dampening: D.Y.O.R. – I used 4 layers of old bath towel on each surface and the compressed air staple gun was key

Window seal for around the top

D.Y.O.R. – Mounted some drywall for a little fire protection

Window intake/ outlet for ducting

Flexible ducting

Picking a spot for my 220v – Hire a professional unless you absolutely know what you are doing

Custom Cover

Not my best work, but all set for an S19

Loaner S9 – thanks BigCohooNah

65.2 DB with top open and S9 running at 1420w

51.5 DB with top closed and miner running at 1420w: I added anti-vibration foam between asic shelf drywall and the miner and I believe it got even quieter


Final setup with node, miner, Yooper Crate, 87F outlet heat, Laptop, and slowly dialing in the best W/TH on the S9

Parts List

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggested revisions. You can also find me @yooperhodl on telegram and twitter.

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