The People Aren’t As Retarded As They Seem

The People Aren't As Retarded As They Seem

Individuals today need to understand that they find themselves in a war. Many either refuse to acknowledge it, or have been unable to acknowledge the intensity and urgency. The Bible describes a war between good and evil, with the battle coming to a crescendo in the last days. As our society continues to break down with the breakdown of fiat money, it becomes hard not to see the world in the context of the book of Revelations. We do not know when the world will end, and should not focus too much on that. Our time on this world comes to an end when we die, and we do not have the ability to choose that time. Instead we are left to decide what to do between now and then.

One of the most effective tools used by individuals that want to control others is to break down their morale. There is an entire industrial complex created in order to do this. The clergy, the intellectuals and the media band together to shape societies minds and create an iron clad narrative. It is much easier to see when looking from the outside in, than to initially identify it in your own life. Not all clergy are bad, nor teachers or journalists. Though all of those 3 types of individuals are highly incentivized to represent themes that fit into the ruling class’ agendas.

It is incredibly important to deeply understand where your view on the world is coming from. Most people are impaired by getting their information from sources that are incentivized to control. These sources lie, manipulate and cheat. They get exposed for it over and over, and yet the communication channels remain heavily controlled. Twitter, Facebook, and just about any platform that allows you to interact with other people will be manipulated and controlled in order to limit your ability to view the world. During the lockdowns of 2020-2021, censorship on social media was incredibly effective at controlling the narrative. Yet 20-30% of the population in the US did not get vaccinated, and the lockdowns ultimately were ended because the narrative eventually fell apart.

For many, the lockdowns was the first experience people had with waking up to the idea that all the world governments were controlled by people above the politicians, that citizens had no self determination in the political process, and the extent certain individuals would go to lie in order to retain control. One of the unfortunate aspects of human nature is that many people refuse to act or change until they themselves are impacted negatively about something. Many people lack the courage to stand up to tyrants unless the tyrants are directly going after them.


The censorship of information surrounding the lockdowns was incredibly effective because it isolated individuals resisting their policies, and limited their reach. Many individuals never got the chance to hear any criticisms of the lockdowns because the dissenting voices were banned, harassed, fired, and ridiculed. Despite having a limited reach, the dissenters had an asymmetric advantage over the people seeking to silence them, because often they had truth on their side. The people attempting to shut down society were not remotely close to the truth.

Many thought that compliance was the easier road to take, but fortunately a small minority of people had the courage to resist and prevent the roll out of digital IDs, severe travel restrictions, government digital currencies, and social credit scores, at least for the time being. Compliance would not have been the easier road to take because it would have meant a permanent departure from any semblance of sanity to a world completely rooted in totalitarian control. In the same way today, as the same people are still in control of the world, compliance with their evil decrees is not the easier way out.

It is important to celebrate major victories when we have them. The fact that we have Bitcoin, are not still locked down for the time being, and the world has not ended due to global war are major victories. The larger war is still being fought and it is vital not to rest on our laurels despite the current lower level of intensity.

It is easy to get discouraged and to lose faith in the people around you. The reality is that most of them still need to see and hear consistent differing opinions in order to be changed. A good portion of the population has decided to not have a will for themselves and will shift depending on what appears to be the most opportune to follow. It can be easy to dismiss them as weak, or cowardly which many of them are. The reality is that people all place different values in different things, and many people choose perceived safety and survival above all else. It’s part of the default settings in the human brain that the controllers know how to effectively take advantage of.

This default setting does not mean that things are hopeless, or that those people are retarded. All throughout human history, intolerant minorities have determined the outcomes of history. We find ourselves in a position of incredible privilege for living during a time where things have the ability to dramatically change, meaning we can have an outsized impact on human history. My hope is that you will be invigorated by this, and be filled with a sense of urgency to follow a higher calling.

Causing individuals to lose faith in humanity is one of the most effective ways to get them to stop resisting effectively. The reality is that humanity was never lost. There’s always been a battle between individuals trying to control, and individuals seeking freedom. The individuals seeking control are the ones incentivized to start conflict, and the individuals seeking freedom tend to be passive until they can’t be anymore.

If humanity were lost, the true proper response would be hedonism and nihilism because nothing ever mattered anyways. While it is tempting to lose faith in humanity, there is no time or room for self pity. The reality is that inside all of us, there is a deep desire to be free. That is why the controllers work so hard to break that desire with public education, dopamine raising social media products, soul crushing news media, lifeless movies, and other forms of media.

What we are dealing with here is what Alex Jones famously refers to as an “Information War.” Individuals cannot respond effectively to the world around them unless they are adequately informed on what’s happening. Circulating helpful information, finding ways to improve morale, shifting perceptions of who is actually winning is important. If our perception of the people around us is that they are retarded, it will likely come true and we will only feed into that reality. If we are optimistic and open minded, we will find ourselves meeting like minded people who will encourage us in these trying times.

Roger Ver is a great example of this. He claims that Bitcoin is hijacked because it did not change the way he had hoped it would, after his Cabal of businesses sought to institute changes to the protocol. Now him and the individuals he was close to, such as Jeffrey Tucker, think that Bitcoin is hopeless and only about NGU.

The reality is that Bitcoin has grown much bigger than the small echo chamber it was before 2017. Individuals around the world are experiencing immense freedom that is not possible without it. Yes there is a large segment of Bitcoin users that do not value freedom, separation of money and state, but that is not necessarily the overarching reality of what is happening here. What we are seeing is that different people are having entirely different experiences because of the decisions they are making on how to view the world.

The reality has always been that if Bitcoin were to do something meaningful of a global scale outside of being magic internet money for hobbyists and ideologues like us, it would grow and change in ways we might not appreciate or agree with. But we as individuals have the ability to choose how to use the technology without it being a direct reflection on the technology itself.

When a population chooses not to listen to the authorities, there is little they can do. Defeating lockdown and vaccine mandate policies was a major victory. Now it’s time to turn our attention to slaying the larger beast instead of just seeking to influence the beast’s policies. This is a very important distinction in tactics. Civil disobedience is starting from a place of believing that the government is legitimate, but they may be participating in illegitimate behavior that needs to be corrected through defiance. Being ungovernable is starting from the assumption that idiot pedophiles in Washington or elsewhere do not have a legitimate claim to tell you how to live.

Market incentives are an incredibly important concept to understand. If things are profitable, people will do it. People do not successfully mine Bitcoin because it makes sense ideologically. No, they mine Bitcoin because they are selfish and it is profitable. Relying on ideology as a security feature for a monetary system would be retarded, and fortunately Satoshi was not retarded in the way he built the economics of Bitcoin.

All over the world, in the largest companies, there are individuals dodging taxes, avoiding sanctions, defrauding customs, and laundering money. There is only an illusion of government control over the economy. The reality is that there are clear incentives not to cooperate with the pillagers who believe they have the moral authority to steal from you. The only thing the pillagers have on their side is the perception of cooperation, authority, and general compliance. In the same way a bank cannot stay solvent if the customers believe it to be insolvent, a government cannot maintain control if the people lose faith in its ability to maintain order. The market incentives for compliance are crumbling.

There are 700,000 full time law enforcers (Statista 2022)  living in the US which has 334 million people (supposedly if you have faith the government can accurately count). That is .2% of the population set to enforce rules on the entire population. The only way they can be successful is if the people comply. Even the slightest bit of disregard for their authority renders them pretty useless to stop anything. This is why perception is everything.

All around us, people are coming to the same or similar conclusions about the world that we are. They are finding there way to a place of frustration, disillusionment, and action. We have the ability to take advantage of the market demand for freedom. We can either become frustrated and decry the woes of the world, or we can build products and services that cater to uplifting the human spirit, and rehabilitating people’s sense of self worth.

The controllers want you to fall into despair. They seek to break you down and to demoralize you. The reality though is that we have the ability to do the same to them. We can undermine their perceived authority by telling the truth about what they are doing, but also by providing legitimate alternatives. There will be a tax strike because people cannot afford to pay them anymore, and no longer feel obligated to because they can clearly see how illegitimate the US government is.

Supposedly 60% of eligible people voted in the 2020 election (LOL). A good portion of the 40% that did not vote, did not vote because they did not believe in the election. These are likely made up numbers anyways just like all the rest of the government numbers. Never in my life have I encountered so many people organically that realize that voting is not a solution.

The white pill, after realizing the horrors and evils in the world, is the idea that the default state of man is free. Slavery is unnatural. People were born free and are meant to be free. It’s okay to be bearish for the average person who does not have the courage to do anything about their situation. But to become bearish on yourself when you have a working brain and the ability to take action to respond to a changing world is silly.

To give up on humanity, declaring the people retarded is ultimately to give up on yourself. It can feel isolating at times, and you will become discouraged in the future. We are in a war, and in wars, momentum or perceived momentum will switch back and forth. If you remove demoralizing influences, and allow yourself to see the good in the world, your whole perspective will change.

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