Welcome back to bite size Bitcoin. Today, my good friend Princey is here to talk about trading. Now he’s not going to be giving you tips and tricks and all the bullshit, he is here to rant and tell you to stop fucking trading. I love Princey he has some amazing content and if you haven’t checked it out already, I would suggest you go to the once bitten podcast. I really hope you enjoy this episode. Remember to share it with friends and family if you think it can be useful and save them from getting wrecked.

We’ve all fallen for the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world already and that is fiat currency, which is, by design made to lose purchasing power over time. That is an absolute travesty. It’s a disgrace. We’ve all been born into it. We’ve all drunk the Kool Aid and thought we were holding the best form of money at some point, whether that was dollars, euros, pounds or whatever, no, you’re not, you’re holding a piece of paper, or you’ve got a balance on a digital screen.

Your bank account is designed to lose value over time, your purchasing power will go down, end of story. They are always going to inflate the amount of money in that system. Listen to the podcast for the full story.

Bitesize Bitcoin is a show with short sharp audio clips to help listeners learn about the more technical aspects of bitcoin. There is allot of specific terminology used in the bitcoin space and I want these episodes to help break things down.

Please feel free to share to loved ones and others interested in learning about this world changing technology. Please also let me know if there is something you would like covered and I will do my best to help.


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