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Ungovernable Misfits is a platform built for the ungovernable misfits. We have a loyal audience that has grown exponentially, this has allowed us to add a new team member, update the website and add more categories of content. The podcast remains central to the platform and helps the misfits learn about bitcoin, freedom and self sovereignty.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary tool giving users the ability to take back financial freedom and protect freedom of speech. We believe that understanding the corruption of money opens the door to see all the other areas we can take control of our lives and protect our family and freedoms. Many of us now pay attention to the food we eat, the information we consume and the way we communicate. When you strip it all back you end up with the individual.

We focus on using the tools and information available to become the best version of ourselves. If your company or service believes it could be of value to our listeners then we would love to talk.

Aside from the possibility of reaching the public via the podcast, there are several other ways:

  • Different places on the website
  • Possibility to design a clothing item
  • Social media channels
  • Newsletter
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