NAME: Protect Your Privacy
DATE: October, 2023

Format: A1 (594 x 840 mm)
Paper: Giclée Fine Art
Weight: 230g/m²
Printing Technique: Digital

The artwork embodies the spirit of an unruly, defiant misfits paying tribute to the ‘Blade Runners’ who are resolute in their mission to dismantle Sadiq Khan’s Ulez cameras, undeterred by any obstacles they encounter.

governments tighten their grip on citizen privacy, a band of defiant misfits emerges. They witness the perilous path of unchecked surveillance and understand the urgency to shield our privacy. “The future is now!” They fight not only for themselves but for generations to come, for they foresee a perilous descent if the tide of intrusion is not stemmed. These ungovernable misfits stand resolute, determined to carve a path to a future where privacy is revered and protected.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 10 × 10 cm