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Infinite Universe Divided by 21

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The supply of Bitcoin is fixed at 21 million coins. And Bitcoin is like a black hole, sucking up the value of every other asset class.
This means that the value in all other asset classes is being absorbed by those 21 million coins. Imagine everything there is, divided by 21 million.
We’re all chained to the unforgiving arrow of time. We’re born, we live, and we get old. At least that’s what we hope will happen. Then we die.
None of us humans are millionaires in terms of hours, yet we sacrifice our most valuable and scarce asset just to stay alive in the hamster’s wheel one more day.
In pursuit of saving time, Satoshi stumbled upon a discovery of a new, weightless, absolutely scarce element. The showstopper for each and every time thief. Element zero.
Bitcoin.Knut Svanholm is an author who writes about the philosophical impacts of Bitcoin and how it can change the world for the better. You can find his books here.


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