Genesis Block whisky is a limited run of 256 bottles from a single cask found to have been distilled on the mining of the Genesis Block. This is a 12 year-old single malt Scotch whisky from Ardmore distillery in the Scottish Highlands and has a lightly peated flavour.

Of those 256 bottles, 7 Bitcoin artists have created 3 unique limited editions each giving a total set of 21. This round of auctions is for the first limited edition from each artist with this specific auction being for the first of three hand painted bottles. The auction is organized by scarce city and the whisky offered on Ungovernable Misfits is the base range variant

The 7 artists involved in this project are:
Adam Kadmon
Dim Zayan
Rare Scrilla
Yonat Vaks

When Bitcoin reaches $100k you’re going to have earned a drink, and what else are you going to celebrate with, one of Keith McCullough’s wines?


Unfortunately, it cannot be shipped to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Some other states in the US are difficult, if you want to be sure please contact us by DM via twitter