This painting is mixed media on canvas and was created in 2019. Using inks, resins, and acrylic paint over many layers with varying viscosity and depth it allows the painting to come alive. I wanted to express how I felt about the Genesis block and bitcoins journey since then. It has become a living thing through the nodes, power and people using it. Is it slowly displacing gold or is it always going to be niche? I spent weeks in the studio listening to podcasts, updates, music and soaking in the energy from the ungovernables. Every time I view it from a new angle or in a new light it shows me something special. It reminds me of the depth of character and the hope bitcoin gives to so many people around the world.

Orginal Size: 100cm x 100cm
Material: Inks / Resins / Acrylic
Background: Canvas
Max Supply: 1