NAME: Fuck Around & Find Out
DATE: May, 2023

Format: A1 (594 x 840 mm)
Paper: Giclée Fine Art
Weight: 230g/m²
Printing Technique: Digital

Fuck around & find out is more than just a phrase; it’s a bold declaration of warning and accountability. When I encounter this confrontational expression, I can’t help but feel a sense of defiance and nonchalance. It serves as a stark reminder that reckless actions and ignorance towards potential repercussions will ultimately lead to facing the consequences.

This statement carries weight not only for individuals but also for governments and companies alike. It’s a wake-up call, reminding them to be mindful of their decisions and the potential self-destruction that can result from their misguided agendas. Governments with questionable choices and companies with short-sightedness should take heed. The bomb cartoon present in this artwork acts as a visual reminder that actions have far-reaching effects. It humorously highlights the importance of careful consideration to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

Drawing the viewer’s attention is the bomb cartoon, placed prominently at the center of the composition. Its fuse playfully sizzles, simultaneously serving as a warning and a call to reflection. Adorned with googly eyes, the bomb takes on a whimsical and mischievous personality, defying its inherently destructive nature. It becomes a symbolic representation of the impending consequences awaiting those who recklessly tread the path of folly.

With bold and irreverent lettering, the famous phrase, “Fuck around and you find out,” boldly graces the bomb cartoon. Its comedic punch encapsulates the universal truth that foolish behavior invites explosive outcomes. It’s a cheeky, no-nonsense expression that serves as a constant reminder of the explosive consequences of our actions.

In this artwork, the bomb cartoon acts as a playful metaphor, urging viewers to think twice before engaging in reckless behavior. It serves as a whimsical and humorous reminder that actions have repercussions. So, whether it’s individuals, governments, or companies, let us all take heed and avoid blowing our own socks off by treading the path of folly.

Dimensions 70 × 10 × 10 cm
Twin Variation

Blue, Original