NAME: Food For The Hodler
DATE: July, 2023

Format: A1 (594 x 840 mm)
Paper: Giclée Fine Art
Weight: 230g/m²
Printing Technique: Digital


You slurp your way to satoshis, the tiniest units of Bitcoin, with each savory spoonful. Who knew that indulging in affordable instant noodles could fuel your financial aspirations? Forget Gordon Ramsay; we’ve got Satoshi Ramsay, cooking up financial feasts like no other!

So how does it work? Instead of munching on those pricey snacks or dining out like royalty, you redirect those dollars toward buying Bitcoin. It’s like turning your mealtime into a delicious investment ritual – and the best part? No chef’s hat required!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 10 × 10 cm