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Dropping out vs
dropping fiat for bitcoin and foss

I had a conversation with Matt Rose – Head of marketing for Foundation devices about his entry into the bitcoin space after a career in traditional fiat marketing. Matt made the move to the #bitcoin world after experiencing how fake the large corporations were and he explains in this episode how much ideas get watered down after going through all of the checklists to comply and stay woke. Now that Matt is working for Foundation devices things are very different. He’s excited to be working with a team that genuinely cares about privacy, security, freedom and bitcoin.

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Pleb Miner

Host: Max & Jon

A pleb miner is simply a Bitcoiner who mines bitcoin. A pleb miner is dedicated to the Bitcoin network, contributing their hash not only for the chance at finding the next block but hashing because they know in their hearts that securing this network is a moral imperative.


Sippin' Bitcoin Tea with Max QNQ & Antonomous

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