Ungovernable Misfits - ACTION NEWS!!! EP 1

Intro Music: Motley Crue – Kickstart my Heart

Ungovernable Misfits – ACTION NEWS!!!, say it right, with 3 exclamation points or the Mafia, in their black hoodies will hunt you down. Get your hoodie here

ACTION NEWS!!! is your source for news on the Bitcoin Mining scene! Statistics, #BitcoinMining news, energy market alpha, comedy relief, and as always, witty banter between Max and Jon.

Witty banter consists of reverse burping, Max’s dog’s bowel issues, the NEMS pool panel with Medi Naseri and Luke Dashjr, winter demand response programs, building pleb relationships with other blue collar plebs at Bitcoin Park, the earworm that is Dominic the Donkey, Ungovernable Misfit kids, and scrappy Pleb Miners “bulking’ for the fight against the global elite.


Bifrost Manufacturing

Altair Bitcoin Mining Solutions

Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat

We begin this episode as we do all shows, by communicating with all of you via podcasting 2.0 boosts. Be sure to Boost on the podcasting 2.0 app of your choice. At Ungovernable Misfits we offer a feature rich podcasting 2.0 experience, Thank You @linkinparkrules for your work on the show.

In this episode of ACTION NEWS!!! we review and discuss mining statistics pre halving. Hashrate is up, difficulty is up, Tx fees up, but earnings are down. Visit Lincoin Lens for up to the minute #BitcoinMining statistics. Additional analysis brought to you by The Lincoin Mining Platform Check out their new report with Nico Smid called The Bitcoin Mining Boom

As always Boty McBotface stops by to rap with the boys.

Max and Jon explore the many possibilities that Bifrost Manufacturing has to offer in small scale design and manufacturing.

The boys also review the new S21 #BitcoinMining server from Bitmain with Altair.

S21 deep dive by AltairTech.io


The Meshtadel and Mafia will be well represented at the Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat the weekend of August 10, 2024, consider attending.

Jon reviews the NEMS ASIC chip panel at Bitcoin Park.

Jon reviews an article by Richard Greaser of the Bitcoin Bugle

Bitcoin Mining: An Inconvenient Truth. Where Intentional Climate Change Hurts Us All

Bassload stops by for his energy market update where he defines industry terms and share tips on how to communicate with different levels of the energy supply chain.

Bitcoin Bassload Update – Speaking the electricity language, can it make sense to everyone

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See you next time! F@%CKERS!!!

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