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In this PlebMinerMonth bonus episode Jon sits down with Kiernan Wright of Bitcoin Greenhouse. Bitcoin Greenhouse are developing and building an open source, solar powered bitcoin mining greenhouse on Haida Gwaii, the traditional territory of the Haida People, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

The Haida people currently live downstream from food and energy, power is provided by diesel generators, food sometimes shipped across Canada. Kiernan hopes his project can empower the first nations people of Canada to become sovereign again by producing their own food, energy, and secure sound money, as Bitcoin is the heart of this project. The open-source greenhouse will eventually provide food, jobs, and stability to the Haida Gwaii nation.

The greenhouses will be built in the longhouse style of the Haida Gwaii. The roofs of the structures are large and will be covered with solar panels, the panels will provide energy to the Bitcoin miners and any excess will be sold back to the grid. The miners housed inside will proved heat for the growing operations, allowing growers to plant an array of crops.

Kiernan can be found on Twitter @stillBTC and @btcgreenhouse, view his art exibit here,Haida Gwaii Museum.

As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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