The Confab 02: - Still Here

Ungovernable Misfits is more than a platform; it's a movement. We invite you to stand with us as we reshape the narrative, question the unquestioned, and breathe life into the audacious dreams of a world where autonomy, privacy, and self-reliance reign supreme.

Welcome to the The Confab, the term derives from “confidential talk”, which was commonly used in the Prohibition Era for meetings and conversations that took place in the smoky, rule-breaking speakeasies of that time.

The informal, privacy focused and clandestine nature of Ungovernable Misfits lends itself to these discussions. So, grab a seat and a stiff drink from the concealed bar, listen and revel in the conversation. 

On this episode, Diverter and Zelko drop-in to speak with Max about what happened to Samourai Wallet and TDevD, the broader implications and where do we go from here…

Show Discussion

The Aftermath and Emotional Rollercoaster

– Discussing the initial reaction and shock to the news about the Samourai Wallet team
– Exploring the feelings of disbelief, worry, and determination

Understanding the Gravity of the Situation

– Analyzing the broader implications and the attack on self-custody and privacy
– Explaining how this goes beyond just Samourai Wallet and is a wider assault on Bitcoin principles

The Chilling Effect and Uncertain Future

– Discussing the fear and hesitation developers may have in building privacy tools
– Exploring the potential domino effect on other privacy-focused projects like Monero

The Fight Ahead and the Need to Rally

– Emphasizing that the legal battle is not lost yet and the importance of supporting Samourai
– Highlighting the role of the community in donating, spreading awareness, and not giving up

The Power of Open Source and Decentralization

– Discussing how the open-source nature of Samourai’s work can enable forks and continuity
– Exploring the potential for anonymous or older cypherpunk developers to step up

Cautious Optimism and the Path Forward

– Ending on a note of determination and belief that the fight is not over
– Encouraging the community to stay focused, engaged, and ready to support the ongoing efforts




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