Running a bitcoin node for the streets with Zelko from RoninDojo

Running a bitcoin node the right way with Zelko from In this episode I spoke with Zelko the Co-Founder of Ronin Dojo.

We discuss the origins of the project and what spurred him and the team on to build and continue improving the project.

Ive been running RD for the past 4 years and have been amazed at the development, with the latest release v2.4.0 users now have full control of Whirlpool CLI from the UI! As a long term user I’m very happy to see this. I talked to Zelko about how it was implemented as well as covering what a beautiful job Dojo Coder @PavelTheCoder has done on the UI.

I could bang on in the show notes all day about what an incredible job the team has done but I’m a dyslexic F%CK and you are going to listen to the show anyway.

The main takeaway is the Ronin team build my favourite node implementation in the bitcoin space and haven’t forgotten that bitcoin is for the streets.

We will be holding a spaces in the next week for an open discussion with anybody with questions, feedback or who just wants to talk bitcoin and freedom with us. We will release the date on twitter in the next few days. Join us if you can as we would love to hear from you.

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