P.M.M. 04: Plebs Maintaining Morale

What does this episode of P.M.M. stand for?
Parallel-Economies Meshtadels and Micro-Communities
Picturesque vs Modern architectural Monstrosities.
Psychological Warfare, Maintaining Morale, and Mental Resilience.


What’s been going on with the Meshtadel?

Karl from Karl’s Korner posed the question in the Meshtadel, “What do you say to someone who claims they’re happy to pay their fair share of taxes?” Is participating in the fiat system moral, especially considering taxes fund wars and are used punitively by the forces of evil to control and regulate? Is gaming the system moral while dismantling it, or should one opt out entirely? These same little tyrants who use taxes as a system of control also use religion used as a system of control, such as “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

Springtime planting brings gardening and new life, particularly lambs and chicks.

How did you spend the HalFinning? For me (Jon), it was with the Noderunners, Meshtadel, and the Pleb Miner Mafia groups. We watched as the transactions rolled in


Parallel-Economies Meshtadels and Micro-Communities (Bert and Gurtis conversation)

Bert and Gurtis discuss building parallel economies on Bitcoin and trading within Meshtadels as crucial strategies for establishing resilient, independent networks or intentional communities. fostering strong, small communities centered on family values and emphasizes sourcing healthy, sustainable food all while trading on a Bitcoin standard. While countries like the Netherlands produce large quantities of food, the intensive farming cycle dependent on petro-chemicals is depleting the soil, highlighting the need for more permaculture and regenerative agriculture-based practices. Gurtis makes the point that during societal collapse, it’s impractical to attempt to save everyone; instead, it’s important to prepare for people arriving at these parallel economies, whether they bring positive or negative intentions.


Picturesque vs Modern architectural Monstrosities.

Urban Hacker examines modern architecture from the lens that it is demoralizing, lacking the engagement that video games and movies create as movies and video games must please their audiences to make a profit. Art should reflect the people, and both art and architecture should align with the area, rather than erecting edifices to the state or the designer, without considering the local context. The Dune movie, for instance, offers architecture that thoughtfully integrates into its setting. In contrast, Le Corbusier’s designs were criticized as large, unattractive structures that disregard local nuances.


Psychological Warfare, Maintaining Morale, and Mental Resilience.

The People Aren’t As Retarded As They Seem by Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel

Continuing in the spirit of his previous articles on demoralization – Ungovernable Misfits staff writer Charles Myriel presents a compelling argument that Misfits as well as normies are engaged in a battle between good and evil. We must be aware of narratives controlled by global elite and facilitated by their lap-dog media goonie, religious cults of personality, and pseudo-intellectuals. These forces attempt to shape, control, or ‘nudge’ society’s thinking, particularly in the context of mUhCoViDNaruTive, where censorship and manipulation were used to control dissent. Despite these challenges, there is a call to recognize the victories of resisting oppressive control and maintaining a positive outlook. Charles equips us with resolve to resist demoralization and offering alternatives that uplift our spirit. Our should inherently desire freedom. This article is a rallying cry to stay optimistic, find like-minded Meshtadelians, and avoid surrendering to despair, as each person has the potential to influence positive change in the resistance movement to global slavery.

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