What does this episode’s P.M.M. stand for?

  • Parent-Led Motivation and Mentorship
  • Purposeful Mentoring and Mindfulness
  • Pan-african Mesh networks and Melting fiber optic cable
  • Palantirs Middle-earth and Mordor

“Although the Globalists are a cabal of evil lizards, we have each other to confide in.”

Intro Music: Ungovernable Misfits – I Hate You


What’s the Meshtadel been up to?

The Meshtadel has been active, with developments including the launch of the SuperTestNet’s BitPac, which can be viewed on his Github. Fundamentals from the Rock Paper Bitcoin podcast discusses the Meshtadel on his pod and provides great value to both PMM and Meshtadel groups. Conversations are ongoing about industrial farming versus regenerative agriculture in the Pleb Miner Mafia chat. We compare and contrast Meshtadel related content on Stacker News and publications on Ungovernable Misfits. We like to think Stacker News provides great utility, but on our stories are presented with superior aesthetics. Barnminer consults on mining with another Meshtadelian and Travis Bitckle creatively repurposes a T17 server housing into a birdhouse, which puts a little birdhouse, in our souls.



Parent-led Motivation Mentorship

Jon discusses he and Sarah’s experiences with homeschooling during COVID-era madness. Our strategy for navigating the public school system involves coaching, volunteering, and knowing the teachers and administrators. Max discusses his optimal school experience and what decisions will be made for his children’s education. We also explored Waldorf Schools, Montessori, Hillsdale Affiliate Schools, and homeschooling options, including various homeschool curriculums. Resources to enrich children’s learning experiences include, which provides material and activities related to books. Max and Jon chat about passing along wisdom and encouraging kids to lean into their aptitudes. We discuss apprenticeships, craft guilds, and the view that school primarily teaches obedience, homeschooling on a homestead, and the unique needs of gifted children.

“Export your child into the world or import the world to your child” – Soul Exporter

Purposeful Mentoring and Mindfulness

The boys discuss fostering a spirit of civil disobedience in your child while helping them develop critical thinking skills.

Pan-African Mesh Networks and Melting Fiber optic cable

Jon and Max cover another Communications Breakdown with a severed fiber off the Gold Coast of Ghana and Jon recounts his experice during the Howard Street Tunnel fire in 2001. Baltimore Tunnel Fire

Palantirs, Middle Earth, and Mordor

They Brought the War to your Living Room by Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel

Good stories are timeless in nature and reveal universal truths. Fiction, through narratives like “Lord of the Rings,” offers insights that remain relevant for all time, illustrating choices faced when confronting pure fucking evil. Charles Myriel points this out in Frodo and Gandalf’s discussion in the Mines of Moria. The saying “Ignorance is Bliss” applies here, as facing harmful control involves risks and conflicts, especially against authorities and their enforcers who claim to be “just doing their job.” The repercussions of challenging societal norms can include job loss due to vaccine mandates and being ostracized from the rest of society. Similarly, the common folk’s defiance of government actions mirrors Frodo’s quest, demonstrating how individuals can triumph over formidable global forces. Max is Legolas and Jon is Gimli, what LOTR character are you?



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