Purebred Managed Mooing

What does this episode’s P.M.M. stand for?

  • Purebred Managed Mooing
  • Professional Maple-syrup Manufacturing
  • P2P Mesh Messaging
  • Psychological Mouse Metropolis
  • Positive Masculinity Mindset
  • Positive Meaningful Motivation

On one hand we have “HATE” tattooed on our knuckles, a clenched fist ready to strike back against globalist slavery. One the other fist “LOVE”, a fist that opens and a hand that extends to yours in peace and cooperation. And then there are those that simply want to rock, with “OZZY” tattooed on both knuckles.

I this episode of P.M.M. we review recent developments within the Meshtadel. Meshtadelians are experimenting with SuperTestNet’s bitpac, musing over creating repositories, and NOSTR relays with the funds.

Long time Meshtadelian Untapped Growth stopped by to explain his herdshares program and update the group on his citadel operations in Oklahoma. He spoke about Collaborative, Cooperative, and Communal relationship models and the middle ground between communal communities and those that are a loose collective of rugged individualists. He shared his strategy in breeding the perfect regenerative agriculture cattle and shared why it would be advantageous for people to purchase his herdshares.

Jon shared the story of his first cow, “Cow SoulEx” that he purchased from Lindley Beef.

*No, they don’t take Bitcoin, listen, I tried, but it just wasn’t taking hold.

Breaker Breaker One-Niner!!! What are your plans if there is a communications outage? We discuss tips to prepare for communication breakdowns by diversifying your communication methods: maintain a landline, exploring radio options like FRS and ham radios, and utilizing different cellular networks to ensure redundancy. Perhaps establish a personal network for emergencies. Have a family backup plan and a mustering point. We cover solutions like Meshtastic that offer decentralized, off-grid communications through low-cost, license-free mesh networks.

We discuss the demoralization of young men who are so demoralized that they’ve gotten vasectomies. Masculinity and traditional family structures are under threat. Society is reflecting behaviors that mirror the outcomes of the Mouse Utopia experiment. Young men, if you’re reading this, don’t cut your balls off and become a “Beautiful One”.

We rap about the concept of the Pendulum Swing and discuss the extremes of political ideologies and societal beliefs. Don’t let social engineering push you to the fringes, maintain a grounded perspective amidst these oscillations of the pendulum.

Charles Myriel presents some solutions to the directed demoralization of our society. Make genuine connections and nurture REAL relationships, build supportive communities for the purposes of personal and collective resilience. Charles advises introspection, mutual growth, and the creation of micro-communities as essential strategies to counter societal challenges and to foster healthier, more conscious pleb communities.

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