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Zack Bomsta

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Pleb Miner in the Wild is a 10–15-minute segment intended to feature a Pleb Miner. Question and answer sessions are concise, sharp, and fast paced.

This episode’s Pleb Miner in the Wild is Zack Bomsta; an electrical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the Owlet Dream Sock, baby monitor.

  • Professional Background – Technical expertise and how Zack came to develop Owlet.
  • Coming to Bitcoin – Origin Story, coming to Bitcoin over a sabbatical after the sale to Owlet. 
  • Fighting the Man – The development process and bringing to market a health and safety device for babies isn’t easy. Zack explains what it’s like to maneuver agencies like the FDA and groups of grifters who have their hands out in order to deem a product “safe and effective”
  • Mining Rabbit Hole (Finding the Vein) – What brought Zack to mining.
  • Specialization – Pleb Miners all seem to gravitate to a specialty, Zack’s specialty is unique.
  • Functionality of the Norse Boards
    • Loki- Trick the machine to accept 120V.
    • Njord – Takeoffs to power fans.
    • Heimdall – Safety (temperature, fire, accelerometer). 
  • End Goal – Zack’s vision for the boards and how they’re going to change home mining, home heating, and further decentralizing mining. 
  • Bonus Round – Favorite phone wallet, hardware wallet, and way to buy and sell Bitcoin Peach Bitcoin is the preferred method of exchange on PlebMinerMonthly


Future discussions with Zack are forthcoming on BitBuyBit.

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