Episode 1

Pleb Miner Monthly

Statistics brought to you by Lincoin Pool and their Lincoin Lens


Global Hashrate 273 EH/s with a Network Hashrate of 277 EH/s (Lincoin Pool’s Hashrate is 580 PH/s, #17 pool worldwide)

Over the past Month the highest daily average hashrate has been

273 EH/s December, 9 and the lowest 232 EH/s on November 28


Currently difficulty threshold is 34.24 Trillion which is 7.6% lower than the previous difficulty of 36.95 T

A note: difficulty adjustments have a high limit of no more that %300 adjustment upward and 75% downward

We are set for the next difficulty retarget to take place on December 19 so by the time this episode airs we will have had an upwards adjustment. (it was only 3.27%, yay!)

Hash Price

Bitcoin in the mid $17’s around $6.40 a day per 100TH

36,724 sats per day per 100th

S9 – 459 sats/day

Machines cost around $100 something like $7.50/TH

2.5 cent Kw/hr breakeven

M30s++ 3,740m sats/day  they are running about $1,888 on Kaboomracks have a bunch for sale

7.2 cents breakeven

S19 J pro 96TH 3,264 sats/day  $1,800 bucks the other day

7.9 cents breakeven

@50K BTC $9/day @100K BTC $27/day

S19 XP (140TH)4,760 sats/day $5,500

10 cents breakeven

@50K BTC $17.84/day @100K BTC $42/day

M50 (126TH) 4,284 sats/day $2,700 saw some for $22/TH so around $2,360

9.3 cents breakeven



Sponsored by FixRigs

Get your machines repaired now, bear market building and maintenance.

FixRigs services all ASIC rigs, the top notch service includes an ultra sonic cleaning as well as a complete diagnostic of your machines, top to bottom.

They repair all types of machines, but specialize in Bitmain and Whatsminers.

You can expect to receive communication throughout the repair process, providing consistent updates during the repair. As miners themselves, FixRigs understands the pain points of managing multiple machines as well as client expectations when it comes to the repair process.

Cost Time Mine in various locales.

  • Japan it would cost ¥3072 a day or $22
  • UK at 22(34?) pence a kWh is 17 GBP
  • Norway it would cost 107 kroner or $11
  • South Africa 200 South African rands/$12 a day
  • Germany $0.38 per kWh €29 /day




Action News

Action News is sponsored by Kaboomracks visit them on their Telegram

I have purchased a few machines from Kaboomracks as well as parts and accessories. The process in smooth and expedient. More importantly, they have built a reputation of trust and reliability. Be on the lookout for Alex’s Firesales, when he says ‘firesale’, he means it!

Alex was a huge part of PlebMinerMonth facilitating the S9 giveaways, getting gear out to the Plebs, and giving away 2 of the machines himself.

Japanese electric to mine

Hashrate Index Difficulty Bounceback?

Bitmain secret back door update. Everyone is cynical and suspect of Bitmain’s intentions here.

Kaboomracks Alex Bitmain Post

Bitmain is apparently boosting the efficiency of S19 Pros with a firmware update. They make my head spin. Makes you think about how much more efficiency you can get from firmware.

Austin Barnhill Bitmain Post

“If you run Antminers, this should make you happy and angry at the same time. They keep efficiency from you until their sales drop off. Why you’d mine with antpoo too is dumb.”

Tech Engineers post on new gen vs previous gen efficiency vs price.

Bitcoin Bassload’s energy market update – Understanding the terms and conditions or your electricity supply contracts is extremely important.

Nico Smid’s Bitcoin Mining Cycles (gold rush, inventory flush, shakeout, rebalancing)

Nico’s News and Insights

Pleb Miner in the Wild Daya Bit



Sponsored by Peach Bitcoin

Peach is the very first peer to peer exchange in a mobile app. Buy and Sell sats with the payment methods of your choice, at the price that you define, at anytime and anywhere!

Pre-beta registration is still open on http://peachbitcoin.com, and you’ll be able to download the app from the App and Play Stores very soon™





Genus: Pleb Minicus, Species: DayaBitanae

From medium.com@murtidaya Starting my Bitcoin Immersion Journey “Am I crazy? Probably a psychopath. After imagining spending thousands of dollars on electrical bills just to heat our planned pool in the house we are starting to build, I could not take the idea of using the wasted heat of the ASICs out of my head”




Winner of the foundation Passport

Foundation Devices Passport winner is Bon. He wins with his #PlebMinerMonth clip.

Ronin Dojo Kabuto Kidtoshi Lotsafomo and Kenza 3D Pleb Miner skull build Fear is the Mine Killer




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