Bitcoin Miner Monthly 8

Bitcoin Mining Rhythm

Just like Marionettes, Max and Jon Swing to the Symphony… of the NPC nightmare we’re currently living in, yes yes yes, Bitcoin so good.


The phenomenon is called NPC streaming. A nym named “X-Nardo” (@PepenardoStudio) describes it as a “digital landscape where individuals transform into virtual marionettes, controlled by the whims of their audience” kind of like when people put absurd messages in FountainFM Boosts and force Max and Jon to scream “Baaaaaaarrrnnnnminer” and such (It’s okay, we like it, yes yes yes, Boosts so good).


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Medi and the Lincoin Mining Team crushed it at Mining Disrupt, faces were melted, Boty is pleased. 5 EH/s SOON. 


BOTY joke

What did the shovel say to his friend on the beach? Are you okay? You’re looking a bit pail.


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The 8 Forms of Capital are Social, Material, Financial, Living, Cultural, Experiential, Intellectual, and perhaps most importantly, Spiritual Capital. These are not just principles that apply to permaculture, homesteading, or permaculture design, but can be applied to any endeavor, such as mining. 


This concept was brought to the Meshtadel group by Karl. Please zap Karl on NOSTR if you get a chance for all his incredible content. We will post his npub on Twitter or the Meshtadel nostr.


ACTION NEWS! is brought to you by the Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat  You can see the grassroots expression of Bitcoin freedom on display in a wide variety of mediums.  From point-of-sale systems to miner de-hydrators.  You will hear from El Salvadoran Plebs as they exclaim the freedom, hope and opportunity Bitcoin is providing the people of that nation. The event is about supporting projects like Bitcoin Beach and Hope House Casa Esperanza where they empower young leaders using education and technology, recreation, spirituality, and community support. As well as Mi Primer Bitcoin where they teach El Salvadorans impartial Bitcoin fundamentals. Attend the event and submit a silent auction bid on an S19 J Pro 96T, donated by Kaboomracks Alex and equipped with Nakamoto Mining fan shrouds, Pivotal Pleb Tech Njord Board, and an AC Infinity Cloudline fan. Proceeds go to support the El Salvador projects.


In this installment of ACTION NEWS we cover: 

Nico Smid’s H1 of 2023 mining update.

Nico Smid’s sub stack 

Energy Market Update by Energy Expert Bitcoin Bassload, lovingly read to some sweet sweet jazz guitar. You should be nowhere near a miner if you don’t understand how your electricity is priced or you generate the power yourself. That kickflip, it nice.

Bitcoin Bassload 

Be sure to change your password on Whatsminers before you attempt to enable API. And don’t forget to give ol Baaaarrrnnminer a shout on Fountain.

Barnminer M50

The Bitcoin Bugle – Stunning and Brave as always. Who is Dick Greaser anyway?

Bitcoin Bugle


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FixRigs is one of the finest repair facilities. Clean, state of the art equipment, highly trained and skilled technician, and an incredible logistic model to get you back to hashing as soon as possible.


This episode’s Pleb Miner in the Wild is Aaron Hall of SunDog Mining. Aaron is a beast of a miner and hell of a good dude. This conversation is an important on because it show that with passion, hard work, and tenacity, you can grow and scale your mining operations, while still maintaining ethics and integrity. Aaron is an awesome individual. Should you need to host machines, do not hesitate to reach out to Aaron to check his rates and availability. 


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