Pleb Mining Month 7

Pleb miner month update and prize draw. Bitcoin wins.

Pleb Miner Month Week 1 Giveaway Update

Max, Jon, Sarah, and DiGiacomo girl nym #3

#PlebMinerMonth is in full swing on the @BitBuyBitPod and Max and Jon give an update on the first few days of #PlebMinerMonth. The outpouring of support from the Bitcoin Pleb community has been inspiring. The month is starting to take on a life of its own. Thank You to all the Bitcoiners out there who are interacting with us on Twitter, reaching out of Telegram, and Boosting on the Fountain app. 

Sarah and DiGiacomo girl nym #3 help choose winners as Max and Jon pick the prize winners for the week.

Day 1

Winner was already chosen before recording. Tinkerbell won the Pleb Miner Skull t-shirt. Thanks for being one of two that followed the giveaway instructions and thanks for translating the Pleb Miner Redux article in Spanish

Day 2

Boost the pod with Max and Michael Schmid on Fountain to win the Pleb Miner Skull hoodie out of 10 entries, @txapotsapa won the drawing. Congratulations Rafa, we know it’s not often cold where you live, but when it is, you’ll be geared up right.

Day 3

Quote tweet why you think SeedSigner is awesome, out of 18 entries, @compassionhorizon was the winner. SeedSigner is awesome and the enthusiasm for the project was obvious. We will be offering another SeedSigner giveaway later in the month.

Day 3

In order to win the first S9 giveaway, Plebs were asked to review the Bit Buy Bit Pod and screenshot the review in a quote tweet. We are happy to announce that @Francis_Brosnan won the drawing and will be a #PlebMiner soon

Day 5

Noderunners Day! Lots of Plebs entered the Noderunners.Network gear giveaway and 10 were chose to receive stickers and other items from Brinkie and the Noderunners.

@selfbankt, @LoveIsBitcoin, @RoshMallery, @kciroj_NL, @phathodl, @purplehorse, @tatumturnup, @BitcoinIsKool, @xbbbworld, and @TsarToshi

Thank You to everyone who entered, we will be reaching out shortly to arrange deliver of your prize gear.

If you have any questions please reach out. Also make sure to follow  on twitter and check out everything we are doing for #plebminermonth

As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

Today you can exchange $1 for 5194 Sats (Sale ends soon.)

Thank you Foundation Devices for sponsoring the show.  Use code BITBUYBIT at check out for $10 off your purchase

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