Pleb Miner Month

Pleb Miner Month Finale

We did it! We managed to present and entire month (ahem, make that 2 months) of mining content focused on the Pleb Miner. Max, Jon, and Sarah took on the task of herding cats in this #PlebMinerMonth finale featuring: @SalGoodHODL, @hashing2heating, @406Bitcoin, @techengineer21, @DCentralTech, @pwmarcinko, @BingBong_BTC, @ZuccThis, @KaboomracksAlex, @bitcoinbassload, @btctwatterpants, and @Schnitzel.

  #PlebMinerMonth started out as a proposal to feature Pleb Miners at a mining conference and grew into so much more. Max and Jon merely set the wheels in motion, the #PlebMinerMonth crew took it from there and as the month rolled on, more and more Plebs hopped on the train. Now it’s a perpetual motion machine speeding along under its own power. 

  We launched #PlebMinerMonth with Jon’s “What is a Pleb Miner” Bitesize Bitcoin and a pod with Max and @Diverter_NoKYC. The launch was fitting as many Pleb Miners were inspired to do so because of Diverter’s “Mining for the Streets’ article. Just as Mining for the Streets kicked off many into mining, we hope that #PlebMinerMonth will do the same for a new generation of miners. 

During the month we featured articles from @Smidnico, @Marketsbylili, @Schnitzel, energy market updates from @bitcoinbassload, as well as Stormcrow from @SovrnBitcoiner. A BlackBox build guide from @YooperHODL, Bitesize Bitcoins from @BingBong_BTC and @ZuccThis and several awesome interviews, some that have yet to air!

We gave away ASIC miners from @Kaboomracks, @pwmarcinko, @btctwatterpants, @406Bitcoin, @DCentralTech, @mrcdbrown3 and Jon. We were moved at the willingness of Plebs to #HashTheTorch. We awarded gear such as Pleb Miner Skull t-shirts and hoodies, and gear donated by @onthebrinkie from @NoderunnersShop. Braiins was a major sponsor of the month, they donated limited edition clothing, Bitcoin mining handbooks, and a very generous amount of sats to cover the shipping for all the giveaways. @ZuccThis donated 3D printed fans shrouds from We also gave away @SeedSigner build kits, @FOUNDATIONdvcs Passports, and a @RoninDojoNode Bakuto. The amount of equipment and prizes that we were able to distribute to the Plebs was more than we expected. It was due to the incredible generosity of the Bitcoin Pleb movement that we had the privilege of dishing out the swag. 

Thank You from Max, Mr. Crown, Jon, and Sarah to everyone listed above as well as: @TheGianMendoza, @artdesignbySF, @HodlRev, @bitcoinbabybee, @BonHodl, @stillBTC, @urningushem, and @x218935 and of course thank you to the Plebs who listened, interacted with us on Fountain and Twitter, and read the articles. You have inspired us more that you can ever know, LFG!!!

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