P.M.M 01 - Ungovernable Misfits

What does P.M.M. stand for?


Pleb Miner & Meshtadel for the most part, but perhaps it means, Pleb Miner Mafia, or Privacy and Mining Mavericks. Maybe is means Permaculture, Mechanics, and Mycelium. You see where we’re going here, the show is fluid. Some episodes will be weighted towards mining, some permaculture, and others self-sovereignty.


What is the Meshtadel?


The Meshtadel was started by Max,  Czino, and SoulEx. Read SoulEx and SoulEx Boy’s original article in Citadel 21 for more context and check out their episode on Ungovernable Misfits. The group was created to help Plebs connect with each other, provide mutual support, and as an incubator for new ideas, but the group grew to be so much more over the past few years. It’s now a group of friends who provide mutual support, general encouragement, advice on permaculture and sustainable living, sovereignty, and preparedness, and even at times parenting advice or sharing a good recipe. The term “Meshtadel” comes from the combination of Citadel + Mesh-Network.


A Citadel by itself is not likely to stand under state attack, but Bitcoin-anchored, open, and decentralized societies willing to cooperate with each other p2p, that is a network that can’t be destroyed. Within the Meshtadel, Bitcoin is what has initially connected many of us, but we find through our interactions, that our love for our friends, families, and communities, and our desires to be sovereigns are what makes us Meshtadelians.


In this episode of P.M.M. Max and Jon introduce the Meshtadel’s origin story. The boys review clips of SoulEx and his son as they share their vision of the Meshtadel concept. That concept being preparing for unlikely scenarios, preparations we hope we never need to use. It’s crucial to have options, even if unused, rather than lacking them when needed. The Meshtadel is the connections we make with like-minded individuals. Starting with just one genuine connection can lay the groundwork for a supportive, real-world network. The Meshtadel approach isn’t about fear; it’s about readiness and community resilience. The Meshtadel and the Miner Mafia share many of these characteristics and are natural kin. The Mafia are hard core Pleb Miners, but mining is just one part of the self-sovereignty stack.


Jon and Max introduce other Meshtadelians like Tensai Bankai. The review the sentiment that many of us held during the mass formation psychosis we witnessed taking hold of the rest of society a few years back and the preparations we made to carry ourselves and our families through. Check out that episode here.


Max and Jon also review Meshtadelian Rev Hodl or as we know him, Karl. He came to many of the same conclusions we all did during the dark times. Review his episode with Max here.


The guys stress the importance of meeting with one another irl. Although our virtual communication is meaningful and important, there is nothing like meeting up in real life.


The Meshtadel was spurred into an important conversation by an article from the Bitcoin Bugle by Dick Greaser Jails Around the Country to Release Pedos To Make Room For Amish Milk Sellers. The piece is satire of course, but it inspired a fascinating conversation amongst the members of the Meshtadel on different security approaches from the perspective of a citadel builder, a homesteader, an intellectual, and a pragmatist.


Ungovernable Misfits welcomes our new contributor Charles Myriel with his piece Demoralizing People, Demoralizing Others.


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