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Noise mitigation for bitcoin mining with BINGBONG

One way to mitigate miner noise is Immersion. This is a process where you immerse the machines in a dielectric coolant and is the most expensive option. Engineered Fluids Slic Guide is an excellent resource. Additionally a Pleb Miner can mitigate noise with a Black Box from Upstream Data or build one like the Yooper Crate. This box is insulated and can be made to run outdoors. The box uses the intake and exhaust fans on the miners to pull air from one side of the box and out the other. BingBong’s design is based on an EconoAlchemist build.

BingBong’s build is setup to orient the machines vertically in what he calls the “Hash Hut”. The hut has an opening at the bottom that allows ambient air to travel through the miners and exhaust out of the top. A barrier is placed around the machines to separate the ambient air from the hot exhaust side. The exhaust is then expelled from the system via an attic fan that can be obtained from most hardware stores. Noise output ranges from 50- 60 decibels. Another noise mitigation technique is to use a 3D printed fan shroud and add an inline fan to pull cooler air through the miner or duct both sides of the machine. Crypto Cloaks,, ASICFanShrouds all print great fan shrouds or if you have the ability, print one yourself. 


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