Main Show June 3, 2019

Nik Oraevskiy founder of bitcoin reserve


Nik Oraevskiy founder of bitcoin reserve

Nik Oraevskiy is the founder of bitcoin reserve, We discus his journey down the bitcoin rabbit hole, his views on our current system and the future he sees for Bitcoin.

I loved this discussion and hope to have Nik on again soon.

As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

Nik has been in Bitcoin since 2012, where he has worked with wallet and exchange start-ups in North America, helping to develop and lead their strategic visions. Mr. Oraevskiy was also involved with international finance and fund management out of Liechtenstein before starting down the brokerage path with the goal of bringing Bitcoin to the world at large.


Bitcoin Reserve is the smart place to buy bitcoin in Europe. The company helps bitcoin beginners, sophisticated savers, and intelligent investors take part in the Bitcoin revolution without the complexity of traditional platforms.

Bitcoin Reserve is based around two key services: Flash and Concierge. Flash enables any individual to buy regular amounts of Bitcoin easily. Concierge, meanwhile is a highly personal service catering to high-net worth individuals and institutions looking to buy over €50,000.



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