Meshtadel July 16, 2021

Meshtadel monthly 04 with Untapped Growth and Czino


Meshtadel monthly with Untapped Growth and Czino

This episode marks the fourth of a new monthly series with the aim of exploring with other Bitcoiners the skills needed to be self sovereign. Each episode we welcome new guests and discus new topics. Going forward we will also try to answer any questions listeners might have, so be sure to keep an eye on next month’s release and get your questions in. 


Since recording individual episodes with @soulexporter and @capoczino we kept in touch and I am very happy to now call them friends. The idea for this show was thought up after we found out we had similar dreams and feel we are not alone, we want to help build a community who help each other become free. 


Todays guests are Untapped Growth and Czino


Please reach out to us with suggestions for guests or ideas to help us all move forward together. 


I really enjoyed recording this and I hope you enjoy listening. 


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