Let's talk privacy, paynym, decentralizing whirlpool and more bitcoin privacy stuff with Samourai

I caught up with Samourai to discus some of the recent wallet updates. We spoke about stealth mode coming back, allowing users to hide the app within another non bitcoin related application like a calculator or VPN and how this can help protect users from potential theft.

Samourai went into detail about plans to further decentralise whirlpool and how this will help protect the team as well as increasing the anonymity set of users. We touched on Lincoinpool adding paynym payouts for miners and why we should see more bip47 adoption in the mining scene.

With all that has gone on with the recent arrest of the tornado cash developer I am very happy to see these moves being made. It seems we might soon have more clients coming online to join sparrow wallet and samourai wallet, with recent developments from the Straylight team announcing their new Whirlpool Client written in Rust and compatible with BDK based wallets. As always it was a pleasure speaking with Samourai and its great to have a project that refuses to comply and continues to make bitcoin privacy more accessible to users. 

As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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