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I will not comply. This is my line. @selfbankt


I will not comply. This is my line. @selfbankt

In this episode I speak to Self Bankt about freedom and he will not comply. Since recording this episode SB has written a brilliant article linked bellow and I can think of no better introduction than teasing the first paragraph.

I’m a UK born, educated and trained Consultant Anaesthetist. I love my work, my colleagues and feel great pride in my career and what it’s taken to get here. I’m also a husband and father. I’m being told my notice of dismissal will come on February 3rd and I won’t be able to work in my profession from April. Despite this, I will not comply with mandatory vaccination. These are my reasons . . .  Read Further

I really enjoyed recording this and I hope you enjoy listening. As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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