This painting is mixed media on canvas and was created in 2019 After witnessing for the first time a brotherhood of Bitcoiners prepared to stand up and fight for a cartoon space cat Nym being attacked by a fraudulent fat boy.

I found it so inspiring to see the strength of hodlenaught unwilling to allow lies to be told or to back down despite law suits and threats. I was amazed to see a group of nyms and bitcoin twitter dwellers fight along side him. This is not something you often see in normie world and it made me proud to be a part of this movement.

Using inks, resins, and acrylic paint through many layers and varying viscosity and depth it has allowed the painting to come alive. I wanted to capture the emotions and the feelings I had at the time I watched this all unfold.

I spent weeks in the studio listening to podcasts, updates, music and soaking in the energy from the ungovernables on bitcoin twitter. In this painting I wanted to convey bitcoin as a network of nodes and plebs watching over to propagate truth and reject lies.

Every time I view it from a new angle or in a new light it shows me something special. It reminds me of the depth of character and the hope bitcoin gives to so many people around the world.




Size: 100 x 100
Material: Inks / Resins / Acrylic
Background: Canvas


Size: 50 x 50
Paper: 242GSM
Finish: Medium Gloss
Max Supply: 21

Before After