Hacking the real world outside of bitcoin and opensource

Our guest, UrbanHacker, leads us through this captivating landscape, illuminating its profound significance in today’s tech-driven society. How can open source empowers the individuals, allowing them to reclaim their digital freedom and reshape the digital frontier. We unearth the secrets of the open-source movement, unveiling its potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Moreover, we delve into the UrbanHacker latest brainchild, shurikenpi.io. Brace yourselves for an astonishing revelation: Shuriken Pi, a groundbreaking Bitcoin miner meticulously crafted to operate seamlessly on a Raspberry Pi device. Yes, you heard it right! This ingenious creation challenges conventional notions, inviting you to explore the realm of mining bitcoin in an entirely new light. The question that echoes in our minds: “Is it really possible to build your own Bitcoin miner?”

Ooh and yeaah we also talk about UFO’s!!


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