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Pleb Miner Monthly 5

Gear Up With Kaboomracks, Unreliable Power & Electricity regulation

Welcome to the Pleb Miner Monthly  podcast, where we celebrate the unsung heroes of the network – YOU!

Statistics by Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens
In this episode, we’ve got some exciting updates from our buddies over at Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens. Lincoin has also launched a new product! Revolutionize #Bitcoin mining with Rails. Compatible with all major ASICs

Action News! by Kaboomracks
And hey, if you’re in the market for some new mining gear, listen up! Kaboomracks’ Alex is sharing his insights and answering all your burning questions. Kaboomracks Alex is a great friend of the show and a Pleb Miner Month Founding Father, he’s also a great friend IRL. If you need mining gear or just have questions, he is the perfect person to reach out to.

Bitesize Bitcoin by FixRigs
But wait, there’s more! FixRigs and Tensai Bankai are joining us to talk about the trials and tribulations of Bitcoin mining, including unreliable power (cue ominous music).

Nico Smid’s Bitcoin Mining Block Post

Bassload’s Update:

Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Energy is regulated
What choose you?

Understand or not
Who all know
Electricity’s cheap
As electrons flow

Demand and supply
Not eye for an eye
What cents you have?
Says Elon ‘you lie’

Why should this be
The people choose?
If they do
It’s win or loose

Follow me down
A road of terms and conditions
It’s on you Pleb
Turn the key in the ignition 



Bitcoin Bugle – Dirty Shotya is Chris Cornell

Pleb Miner in the Wild by Peach Bitcoin

Peach Bitcoin is in open beta! Congrats Peach Team! Use shill code “plebminer”

JP Watts 

Also, get your Ungovernable asses over to Fountain and BOOST THE SHOW! ☺

And what’s a podcast without a good joke, am I right? Get ready to chuckle with our boty joke – just be sure not to spill your coffee all over your ASICs.

So, join us on Fountain App, where we dive deep into the intricate world of Bitcoin mining. And don’t forget to check out Lincoin Pool’s new product, Rails, to take your mining experience to the next level.

Thanks for tuning in, fellow Pleb Miners. We couldn’t do this without your support – you guys rock!

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