Don’t sell out! Bitcoin deserves better!

It’s Thanksgiving season in the US, perhaps Plebs all around the world can stop, take a pause, and appreciate the wonderful world we live in.

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Bitcoin Mining Statistics

Statistics brought to you by Lincoin Mining. Lincoin Mining is a pool, an ASIC management hub, and energy trading platform. Ask about bundling services.

-Statistics Summary

Global Hashrate 30 MA – 458 EH/s

Other Mining pools of note: Foundry – 133 EH/s, Antpool 130 EH/s, Braiins 6.16 EH/s, CK Pool-24 PH, and Kano-17 PH.

Hash Value – 251,426 sats per/PH/day ~ $91

Network Difficulty – 64.68 Trillion a +3.55% increase. Previously 2.34%

TX fees/block reward – 1-2% end of October but as high as 34% so far

Much of the TX fee push are due to ordinals and inscriptions. To date Wizards have spent over 77 million on fees to inscribe.

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Boty is thankful for Electricity, Medi (for giving him a job), and the Pleb Miner Mafia.

Bitesize Bitcoin

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The Lake Satoshi retreat is an inclusive event, welcoming individuals of all levels of experience with Bitcoin. With a focus on education, community, and fun; the retreat provides a unique experience for anyone interested in the world of Bitcoin. Learn from industry professionals or simply enjoy the lake. The annual Lake Satoshi Bitcoin retreat is an experience you won’t want to miss. This is Pleb Culture and Community at its best.

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Bitesize Bitcoin – Shedding light on Ordinals, Inscriptions, BRC-20 Tokens, The Sophon BRC-20 killer, and how they relate to mining fees.

Ordinal theory is a methodology of describing and tracking individual sats. Inscriptions are the digital artifact that is inscribed on an individual sat. BRC-20 tokens are an ordinal shitcoin. The bot called Sophon looks for incoming Bitcoin transactions that involve ordinals and jumps in line with higher fees to take the ticker name.

Here is the site where I did much of the Ordinal research.


Nico Smid article on Miners diversifying with AI computation

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The Bitcoin Bugle: Sell Out by Richard Greaser Background music: Reel Big Fish – Sellout (Acoustic)

New Auradine Miner

Miners Steal Electricity in Taiwan

Wrap Up

Barnminer jerky, when he has it, you better get it.

Eric Blockhouse started a new YouTube Channel called Blockhouse Bitcoin Brainiacs

Tensai Bankai is helping promote the Capetown Bitcoin Conference January 27-28. A lot of the focus here is towards driving South Africans with the inclination towards self-preservation, autonomy, self-determination, and towards further understanding Bitcoin and how it can help protect South Africans from the coming storm. 

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