Pleb Miner Month 14

Braiin Power with Jan Capek

The month of September is dedicated to pleb miners who will not unplug nor comply. The backbone of the bitcoin network, dedicated to decentralisation and freedom.

​On this #PlebMinerMonth episode of the pod, Jon and I speak with @BraiinsMining co-founder and CTO, Jan Capek. Jan is an embedded devices engineer and the father of the Braiins OS firmware and BOSminer software. Jan dives deep into the development of firmware and the challenges he and his development team encounter when attempting to modify machines without the assistance of the manufacturers. We cover Braiins’ (SlushPool) role in UASF and how stratum V2 enhances security, efficiency, flexibility, and decentralization of mining. We also discuss the development of the BaiinsOS+ firmware, and the advantages it can bring to a mining operator. ​We discuss the rebranding of SlushPool to Braiins Pool under the Braiins brand umbrella. We dove deep on a lot of topics in this one, the only thing we didn’t cover was “when”.

​The Braiins team has been a great partner in #PlebMinerMonth, they have sent swag for us to give away as prizes, several of their Bitcoin Mining Handbooks, as well as financial support to ship all of the gear and prizes out to the Pleb. A special thanks to Kristian Csepcsar for helping to organize everything and thank you to Jan and the rest of the Braiins team for your support of #PlebMinerMonth.


As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.


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