Blockchain spies call Bitcoin Core Contributor “Unqualified”

In this episode of bitcoin monthly we discuss Blockchain spies calling Bitcoin Core Contributor “Unqualified”, P2P App Peach goes full FOSS and BTCPay app is coming!


Oooh and we also talk about:

– Baltic Honey Badger Recap

– Huge fee incident

– Nunchuk Byzantine

– Fortress acquired by Ripple

– SeedSigner 0.7.0

– Chain Analysis bullshit

– RoninUI Pairing page

– New BTCPay app to be developed

– Peach goes Open Source

– Sparrow v1.7.9

– Robosats is decentralizing

-Zaplocker – Non custodial lightning address server

– Tor PoW Launch

– Tornado Cash indictments

– Samourai v0.99.98h

– Samourai Dojo v1.21.0: $1 Fee Estimator

– The Bitcoin Company’s Web App Added Auth47 Paynym Accounts


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