Episode 128

Border Wallets, Bitcoin not buttcoin. Demonetising butt plugs with MTC

During the last bitcoin monthly I recorded with brother Rabbit and Antomous. we discussed Border wallets after listening to an incredible talk by MTC. I just had to get the exclusive with MTC who has teamed up with superphatarrow to create border wallets, a system to help users store private keys in their head allowing them to cross borders undetected and protected from attackers. Many people across the globe have to flee their countries to escape from war stricken countries or dictatorships. Many other users need to escape domestic violence or natural disaster, the system that MTC has come up with makes it possible for anyone to take their wealth with them even if they have nothing else. It is also very useful for inheritance planning and I just love how creative users can get with this. As always it was a pleasure speaking to MTC and I’d advise anyone listening to check this project out and if you find it of use I’d also urge anyone listening to consider donating to keep the project going. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording.



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Bitcoin not buttcoin. Demonetising butt plugs with MTC


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