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Navigating China's Surveillance State with Expatriotic

In this episode I had a wide ranging conversation with Expatriotic who has been getting more involved In the bitcoin scene after a long period of shitcoinery and diving into the dirty world of defi. It was interesting to hear from his perspective why this was enticing as well as why he eventually decided bitcoin had to be the focus. We went on to discus living in Asia and an upcoming move to china for him and his family.

Ex explained some of the cultural differences he experiences and how his move to china for work was agreed prior to getting deeper into the bitcoin rabbit hole and more specifically the privacy and security scene. The information Ex has learned about the surveillance state is obviously a concern and we discus different options to move freely through the borders with bitcoin as safely as possible.

For this one suggestion was to use border wallets a fantastic free and open source option created by friends of the show  @GhostofMTC and @superphatarrow here’s the website if this could be of interest to you.

The other option we discussed was to store a backup on an encrypted micro sd using a passport from foundation devices. This is a great option for someone who can store the password in a password manager or elsewhere separate to the SD card. 

Ex has been writing a blog and guides on his website for a few months now and I’ve really appreciated the simple layout and easily accessible information, he explained this started as a way for him to talk about bitcoin without driving himself and everyone else around him mad.

This is a common theme with those of us new to bitcoin as we want to share this incredible technology with the world and also reveal some of the darker sides of the current financial system and world at large. Relaying this information to the majority of normal folks is incredibly frustrating and often goes nowhere so putting the information out in blog, video or podcast format can help satisfy the need to talk about it without the frustrating interactions. I really enjoyed this conversation and found Expatriotics honesty around previous thought patterns refreshing.  

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