Bitcoin monthly 27

Oslo Freedom Forum and the Apple App Store censorship rampage

In this episode of bitcoin monthly we discussed the Oslo Freedom Forum and how people around the world are using bitcoin to escape oppressive governments and protect themselves from #hyperinflation. We dig into the recent fuckery from the Apple App Store and its censorship rampage with damus, blixt, and zeus. We also talk about some #bullish or maybe not so bullish metrics “Total supply minus illiquid supply. Illiquid supply is defined as entities that spend less than 25% of their holdings.”


We shill the Ministry of Nodes: Bitcoin Nodebox 


Then we talk about the topics bellow.
– SimpleX Server Now Available for StartOS – RaspiBlitx 1.9
– Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.4: Whirlpool For iOS
– Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.5: Subscription Plans – Umbrel Introduces Prebuilt Home Server
– Blockstream’s Greenlight
– Scalable, Non-Custodial Lightning Infrastructure
– GrapheneOS Now Available on Pixel Tablet
– A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Modifying Open Source Projects
– New Seed Tool version


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