Bitcoin Monthly 27

Bitcoin Monthly EP27| Latest updates, Mempool TAM, Ledger and open source tech

In this episode QNA tells me I’m perfect exactly how I am, Antomous goes offline to trade shitcoins mid show and we reminisce about Tone Vays world class hair and trading strategies. Don’t worry we also dive deep into the weird and wonderful world of bitcoin, open source and freedom tech. We started with updates on the following projects.



Bitcoin Core 24.1

-Bug fixes

-performance improvements

-updated translations


envoy v1.1.3

– Mobile wallet support

– Magic Backups

– biometric/PIN


Raspiblitz v1.9.0

– I2P support for Bitcoin Core

– CLN Watchtower

– Jam

– LightningTipBot


nunchuk android v1.9.31

– Support for batched transactions

  Ability to configure gap limit



-Surge Rounds



 We then discus some new releases listed bellow:

– Ledger: Recovery Service

– Mempool: Transaction Acceleration Marketplace

– Start9 Launches Community Tech Program

– RoboSats Guide


We went into detail on the recent fuck up from Ledger and why introducing trust and unnecessary risk to your bitcoin security setup is not a good idea, its a good reminder why open source software is so important. QNA is back to writing guides and has a new contributor helping bitcoiners learn and use the tools. We discus the offerings from Start9 and how to build your own to save some sats. 

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