Bitcoin monthly EP35 - Just the Two of Us

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Apemithrandir (17777)
Bisq Easy protocol is purely reputation based. The buyer sends fiat first and seller releases BTC. Sellers can import aged Bisq 1 accounts, burn or bond BSQ to gain reputation. Min 30k seller reputation score is recommended to buy from a seller. You can get a max of 15k from importing aged Bisq acc. You get 100 per BSQ burned, 10 per BSQ bonded for a year.

Expatriotic (10000)
Haven’t gotten through them all of yours yet because I’ve added a few mining podcasts and now autistically going through all of their episodes start to finish.

LonelyPumpkins (2500 x 3)
great rip gents
great rip gents
great rip gents
BaaaaarnMiner (5493)Oh Jesus you put a McCuck sample in UM rip. If I could take sats from you I would. & pay BR cuz 4 you’re cunty ignorance

Wartime (3333)

Chadf (3333)
Great episode and pure signal as always. 🤘

Bon (2222)
Thanks for another one guys. see you next month.

Soulex (2100)
great work guys ❤️‍🔥 thanks for all you do

Piez (420 x 2)
Hola you bloody cunts!!!!!!!
Maxwood (100)Antomous Antomous Antomous what’s going wrong



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WHAT’S THIS bitcoin monthly ALL ABOUT?

Bitcoin monthly is a show hosted by Max, Bitcoin QnA and Antomous Brother Rabbit. We cover important updates in the world of bitcoin and open source software. It is our imperative to provide some education along the way too, so that the misfits can expand their knowledge base and become more sovereign as a result.

We do this monthly to keep listeners informed without having to dedicate hours every day to keep on top of developments. We break things down in a simple and fun way and we welcome questions or topic suggestions via Podcasting 2.0 boosts.

Ungovernable Misfits is more than a platform; it's a movement. We invite you to stand with us as we reshape the narrative, question the unquestioned, and breathe life into the audacious dreams of a world where autonomy, privacy, and self-reliance reign supreme.