Bitcoin Monthly 33: The dangers of Dice Rolls

Bitcoin monthly is a show hosted by Max, Bitcoin QNA and Antomous. We cover important updates in the world of bitcoin and open source software.

We do this monthly to keep listeners informed without having to dedicate hours every day to keep on top of developments. We break things down in a simple and fun way and we welcome questions or topic suggestions via podcasting 2.0 boosts.

In this episode of bitcoin monthly we talk about the importance of using bitcoin in a private and freedom focused way as well as covering the list of topics below.



Nitter Is Shutting Down Following Changes to X Guest Accounts

Samourai Atomic Swaps to XMR Are Now In Public Beta

Boltz Web App v1.3.0 & Backend v3.4.0: Taproot Swaps

Mutiny Wallet v0.5.7: Payjoin Support, NWC Improvements

Zeus v0.8.1: Nostr Contact Import, Standalone PoS & More

Nunchuk Updates: Byzantine Improvements, Cancel via RBF, Other Fixes




Bitcoin Developer Mailing List Migrates to Google Groups

Spiral Awards Grant to Plebhash (stratumV2)

European Bitcoin Energy Association (EBEA) Launched to Inform Policy Makers About Bitcoin Mining

Update: Trezor Warns of Unauthorized Email Impersonating Trezor Sent via Its Third-Party Email Provider

Bitwise Becomes First U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF to Disclose BTC Holding Addresses


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