Bitcoin Monthly 32 - Stay up to date with what matters

In this episode of bitcoin monthly we talk about the importance of using bitcoin in a private and freedom focused way as well as covering the list of topics below.

  • Antomous gives us a puppy update.
  • Sparrow Wallet v1.8.2: Improved Transaction Tree Labels & More
  • BlueWallet v6.4.15: Tool to Generate Last Mnemonic Word & Tor removal
  • RoboSats v0.6.0 Pre-release: Introducing RoboSats Federation
  • Foundation Passport Firmware v2.2.0 and Envoy v1.5.0 Released
  • Bitcoin Keeper v1.1.8: Custom Multisig, Coin Selection & More
  • Phoenix Wallet iOS v2.1.0 Now Supports Request Inbound Liquidity Feature
  • Samourai Dojo v1.22.0: New API Endpoint, Exclusion of Incompatible Clients
  • RoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UI
  • Whirlpool Unspent Capacity Smashes through 10,000 BTC
  • Mercury layer has been released
  • Ledger Connect Kit Exploited
  • New EU KYC/AML Rules to Impose Stricter Surveillance Measures on Users and Service Providers
  • Jamie Dimon exposes critical flaw in bitcoin.


Bitcoin monthly is a show hosted by Max, Bitcoin QNA and Antomous. We cover important updates in the world of bitcoin and open source software.

We do this monthly to keep listeners informed without having to dedicate hours every day to keep on top of developments. We break things down in a simple and fun way and we welcome questions or topic suggestions via podcasting 2.0 boosts.


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