Freedom or fold! Monthly bitcoin update EP31.

In this episode of bitcoin monthly EP31 we talk about the importance of using bitcoin in a private and freedom focused way as well as covering the list below and much more. 



Talking Topics in this episode


  1. Phishing Campaign Targeting Blockstream Store Users

    • In-depth exploration of a phishing campaign specifically aimed at users of the Blockstream Store, detailing the methods used and potential impacts on affected individuals.
  2. Zeus Beta Release

    • Detailed discussion about the features and improvements introduced in the Zeus v0.8.0 beta 3 release, potentially exploring its significance within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and user experience.
  3. StartOS Open Source Transition

    • Delving into the implications of StartOS becoming open source under the MIT license, examining the potential effects on its development community and the broader open-source landscape.
  4. Gemini UK’s Bitcoin Transfer Restrictions

    • Analysis of Gemini UK’s decision to block regular Bitcoin transactions to and from non-approved exchanges, including the reasoning behind this move and its potential impact on users and the industry.
  5. Counterfeit Ledger Live App

    • Investigative coverage of the fake Ledger Live app discovered on the Microsoft App Store, exploring the security vulnerabilities it exploited and the resulting loss of funds for users.
  6. Fraudulent Bitbox App

    • Further details on the identified fraudulent Bitbox app, potentially exploring the consequences for users and highlighting the importance of verifying app authenticity.
  7. Incident Report: User Losing 25 BTC

    • Deeper analysis of the incident involving a user’s loss of 25 BTC, investigating the circumstances, security lapses, and potential lessons for the broader cryptocurrency community regarding security best practices.
  8. Envoy 1.4.0 Beta Release

    • In-depth coverage of the features and improvements introduced in Envoy 1.4.0 beta, exploring its potential impact on users and the technological advancements it brings to the ecosystem.
  9. Sparrow Wallet Updates (v1.8.0 & v1.8.1)

    • Detailed breakdown of the new functionalities, enhancements, and user experience improvements in Sparrow Wallet versions 1.8.0 and 1.8.1, potentially discussing how these updates benefit users.
  10. Swan Bitcoin’s Policy Change on Privacy Services

    • Examination of Swan Bitcoin’s decision to cease services for customers using privacy services, analyzing the reasons behind this move and its implications for users’ privacy and transactional preferences.
  11. Mutiny Wallet’s Decision Regarding Zaps to Zeus Users

    • Exploring Mutiny Wallet’s choice to stop sending Zaps to Zeus users, potentially discussing the reasons behind this decision and its impact on user experience.
  12. Allegations Against F2Pool on OFAC-Sanctioned Transactions

    • Investigative analysis of the accusations against F2Pool for filtering transactions from OFAC-sanctioned addresses, exploring the regulatory implications and potential repercussions for the platform.
  13. Record-Breaking BTC Transaction Fee

    • In-depth examination of the 83 BTC transaction fee, discussing its significance in the context of transaction fees, potential causes, and its impact on the cryptocurrency community.
  14. Blitx Wallet’s Latest Update (v0.6.9-420)

    • Detailed coverage of the features introduced in Blitx Wallet version 0.6.9-420, particularly highlighting the Lightning Box feature and its implications for users.
  15. Wallet of Satoshi’s Decision Regarding US Customers

    • Exploration of Wallet of Satoshi’s decision to stop serving customers in the United States, examining the reasons behind this move and its potential effects on both the platform and users in the US market.



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