Bitcoin monthly EP30 - Critical vulnerability?

In this episode of bitcoin monthly EP30 we are missing our mouthy northern robot friend. With bitcoin QnA away on an NFT course Antomous and I had really enjoyable and engaging conversation. We covered the updates listed bellow and much more.

Bitcoin core: 25.1 
– bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

Blue Wallet v6.4.9
– airdrop cosigner

LND v0.17.0

– Bug Fixes

– Musig2 based Taproot channels


RTL v0.14.1 beta

– Support for opening Taproot Channels

– Default onchain address type is now P2TR

RoninDojo v2.1.0

– software updates

– Bug fixes

SamouraiWallet v0.99.98i

– PSBT support

– Sign transaction tool

– Batch spend import

– option to mark transaction change as “Do Not Spend” immediately after broadcast

– option to “reattempt broadcast” after transaction broadcast failure

Zeus v0.8.0-beta1

– Embedded LND node

    – OLYMPUS by ZEUS 0-conf channel service

     -ZEUS PAY self-custodial lightning addresses, using Zaplocker

    – Simple Taproot Channels

    – Contact book

Peach Bitcoin

– connect your own node

Robosats v0.5.3-alpha

– f2f transactions



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