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Bitcoin Monthly 23

Monkeys in the mempool

We discuss the big monkey in the bitcoin  mempool, delve into some important updates from Sparrow Wallet, Join Market, Breez, Stack Wallet, Zeus and Bitcoin Keeper. We also take a quick look at Coinkite’s announcement of a new hardware wallet. What can we expect from of this?

Welcome all to the first animated episode of Bitcoin Monthly – The Show! Since this is a very new concept for us we would like your feedback! If you have any tips, ideas or other comments feel free to let us know so we can work on improving our content.

In this episode

0:00 Intro

0:18 Max Eating Bounty and Teambuilding

4:27 Join Market

5:23 Sparrow Wallet Update

9:52 Zeus Wallet Update

12:52 Breez Wallet Update

18:50 Bitcoin Keeper

22:25 Stack Wallet

26:53 Foundation Passport Update

28:30 Coinkite announcement 

34:37 Monkey’s in the Mempools / JPEG’s & Ordinals

1:04:17 Outro

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Show Host: Max 

Show Guest: Bitcoin Q&A

Show Guest: antomousB

Animation & Graphics by Mr Crown


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