Pleb Miner Monthly Extra

Ungovernable Misfits represent at the Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Retreat

Jon and Pleb Miner/Meshtadelian extraordinaire Rev.Hodl join Big CohooNah of unmentioned hosting company and Mike Smith of, the Sound Money Museum, and the godfather of the Lake Satoshi Retreat for an informative interactive panel on Bitcoin Mining.

📅 Topics Discussed:

🔹 Quantum Computing’s Impact on Proof of Work

🔹 Block Time and its Significance

🔹 Understanding Hash Rate and its Role in Securing the Bitcoin #TimeChain

🔹 Unveiling the Bitcoin Block Reward System

🔹 Decoding Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment

🔹 The Bitcoin Halving Schedule

🔹 Exploring Regenerative Agriculture and Bitcoin Mining’s Homestead Applications

🔹 Hosting Services

🔹 Basic Electricity in Mining

🔹 Harnessing Heat Reuse through Bitcoin Home Mining

🔹 Bitcoin Mining Pools like Lincoin Mining

🎙️ The boys answer audience questions and engage in an insightful back-and-forth on critical aspects of Bitcoin mining.

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