Bitcoin miners will be the dagger between your shoulder blades

Our hatred for globalist, big pharma, big banks, the illuminati elite, a myriad of oppressive taxes, the Federal reserve, “trusting the experts”, and those just “doin muh job” drive us to Bitcoin and self-sovereignty. What’s your motivation?


Statistics brought to you by Lincoin Mining. 

Lincoin is so much more that a place to point your hash. Lincoin is a pool, an ASIC management hub, and energy trading platform. Medi, thank you for keeping this show going. 


Global Hashrate – 30 day MA – 443 EH/s 

Hash Value – 210,000 sats per/PH/day 

Network Difficulty – 61.03 Trillion

Tx/Block Reward – 4.6 % – 1.2%.

New Miner Efficiency and cost to mine breakdown – 20 J/TH is the new 30 J/TH

The S19K Pro is looking to be a decent value.


5 things that grind Boty’s gears:

5. Cats.

4. Spiral Staircases.

3. People who dress up their cats.

2. People who take pictures of their food.

1.  The Global Elite who manipulate the levers of power, engineer economic crises, wage wars for profit, intentionally engineering pandemics, and manipulate the media all to usher in a  World Order, a world without borders, without freedom, without natural law. I for one say no! I will not kneel for these tyrants! I yearn to live free! Free in a world where my robot wife and robot children are able to live on a homestead and raise chickens and cows, grow beets, and build a hydro powered Bitcoin mine!


Bitesize Bitcoin 

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We recently conducted a Twitter spaces on heat capture. Many of the Mining Mafia stopped by the share their experiences in home and small-scale mining heat capture. Listen here


Links of note from the spaces:


Rick home heating paper

Norsk Bitcoin Paper on Ungovernable Misfits

Home Bitcoin Immersion Mining

Altair’s Chimney


Action News 

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Bassload update 

SF Tweet

Update on MDK 


Pleb Miner in the Wild 

will be delayed a bit this go around. If you’re itching to listen to Wild Pleb Miners ramble on about what’s important to them, check out the previous Pleb Miner in the Wild episodes or listen to the spaces we conducted recently.


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