1 sat stowaway

Bitcoin fucks a chain spy in the park.

In this episode I met up with Brother Rabbit to discus the 1 sat stowaway torch him and samourai are running to help break on-chain heuristics.

Stowaway is a form of peer-to-peer payjoin developed by Samourai Wallet where one party pays another, obscuring the transferred amount, breaking on-chain heuristics, with no server required to be run by the sending or receiving party.

You can send and receive a Stowaway in Samourai Wallet and Sparrow Wallet. For the transaction, both parties participating provide input(s) into the transaction, and both parties receive an output. The transaction can either be carried out manually between the two parties in-person (doing the “QR code shuffle”), or remotely by quickly and automatically exchanging data between the two parties using Soroban; an app agnostic Tor based communications layer developed by Samourai Wallet.

As the name “Stowaway” suggests it works to obscure the amount being sent from one person to another.

By using inputs into the transaction from both parties this breaks the “common-input ownership heuristic” applied by chain analysis firms in an attempt to trace flow of funds. Common-input ownership heuristic; assumption that all inputs to a transaction are owned by the same entity/person.

Stowaway’s are not easily detectable on the bitcoin blockchain. The very fact that Stowaways exist on the blockchain adds doubt to all other transactions which have multiple inputs and two outputs (i.e. a simple spend).


How to send/receive a Stowaway in Samourai Wallet



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