Bitcoin, Christmas & Hash

Join us for Holiday Greetings and Bitcoin Mining Insights! Delve into detailed Bitcoin mining statistics, the Ocean Pool launch breakdown, and Luke Dashjr’s Knots impact on Whirlpool and BIP-47 explained. Uncover uncomfortable truths about Bitcoin mining pools and stay tuned for Action-Packed News! Experience it all with the Pleb Miner Mafia and Ungovernable Misfits.

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Statistics brought to you by Lincoin Mining. 


This episode was recorded very early in December, the show notes will contain more recent statistics. Lincoin Mining is a pool, an ASIC management hub, and energy trading platform. Ask about bundling services.


Statistics Summary 

Global Hashrate 30 MA – 499 EH/s 

Other Mining pools of note: Foundry – 144 EH/s, Antpool 135 EH/s, F2 Pool 62 EH/s, CK Pool-134 PH, and Kano-18 PH. 

Hash Value – 303,109 sats per/PH/day ~ $128 Big numbers 12/15 & 12/16

Network Difficulty – 67.31 Trillion 

TX fees/block reward – Great numbers since early November. Highlights of December include: 12/5-32.63%, 12/13-37%, 12/14-47%, 12/15-62%


$115 million spent on BRC-20 $141 million on Inscriptions. The mempool is backed up and fees are high, but mining is profitable once again.


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Boty didn’t answer our phone call, what’s up with him?


Bitesize Bitcoin

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Bitesize Bitcoin is not so Bitesize in this episode, we got deep and hard. We break down the launch of Ocean Pool.

Diverter’s explanation of Luke Dashjr’s Knots and how it affects Whirlpool and BIP-47. Read it here.


Uncomfortable truths of Bitcoin mining pools.

We can say there are only a few “primary pools” 

A primary pool should tick three boxes

1. Create its block template 

2. Own/control the coinbase transaction 

3. Sign the block (Could be optional)


Most FPPS pools are incapable of meeting these criteria.

Binance #4 with 53 EH

Luxor #6 with 17 EH #8 with 10.8 EH

EMCD #7 pool with 11.6 EH

Poolin # 12 with 5.4

Ultimus #17 with 1.85 eH


Are all just hashrate aggregators and  are many simply buying labels from antpool?



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The Bitcoin Bugle: Bitcoin’s Water Usage by Richard Greaser 
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Miners Steal Electricity in Minnesota


What is a Co-op


Wrap Up

Merry Christmas Everyone! From Max, Jon, Mr. Crown, The Pleb Miner Mafia, and the Meshtadel. May the New Year bring you all health, happiness, and peace.

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