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Build an air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device with the SeedSigner team

In todays episode I spoke with SeedSigner (The man), Keith Mukai (Lead Dev) and Nick Klockenga (Lead maintainer) about the recent updates to the Seed signer project.

Before we dive into it lets remind ourselves what the seed signer project is and why its so important.

What is SeedSigner?

SeedSigner offers anyone the opportunity to build a verifiably air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device using inexpensive, publicly available hardware components (usually < $50). SeedSigner helps users save with Bitcoin by assisting with trustless private key generation and multi-signature wallet setup, and helps users transact with Bitcoin via a secure, air-gapped QR-exchange signing model.

You can use SeedSigner to complete these tasks:

  • Calculate word 12/24 of a BIP39 seed phrase
  • Create a 24-word BIP39 seed phrase with 99 dice rolls
  • Create a 24-word BIP39 seed phrase by taking a digital photo
  • Temporarily store up to 3 seed phrases while device is powered
  • Guided interface to manually create a SeedQR for instant input
  • BIP39 passphrase / word 25 support
  • Native Segwit Multisig XPUB generation w/ QR display
  • Scan and parse transaction data from animated QR codes
  • Sign transactions & transfer XPUB data using animated QR codes
  • Live preview during photo-to-seed and QR scanning UX
  • Optimized seed word entry interface
  • Support for Bitcoin Mainnet & Testnet
  • Support for custom user-defined derivation paths
  • On-demand receive address verification
  • User-configurable QR code display density
  • Responsive, event-driven user interface

To build a SeedSigner you will need the following components.

– Raspberry Pi Zero version 1.3 (not “W”)

– Waveshare 1.3 LCD Hat (240 x 240 pixels)

– Aokin / AuviPal/ (other) RPI Camera

– “Orange Pill” Enclosure

Now that we have reminded ourselves what the project is and why its here we can continue. 

What I love about SS is anyone in the world can build one without anybody knowing they have it, this is especially useful in countries where freedom money is not welcome. I’ve been following this project for a few years now and continue to be impressed by the vision and team. Since I last spoke to SS they have built a new operating system helping with faster boot times as well as reducing the attack surface. As well as talking technical updates we also discus the pros and cons of working with a fully open source project and why the team are so passionate about what they do. It was really interesting to hear how the three team members met and how they have been working together to help refine and build this incredible project.

It was a pleasure speaking to the SeedSigner team and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording this. If you enjoyed the episode, please let us know by liking and/or subscribing to the video and podcast. Do it now please you lazy fcuk. 

If you appreciate what the SeedSigner team are building then please consider donating to them using this link


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